2015 Trends: Colour Sea Spray

Another colour expected to be big this year is Sea Spray (code: 17-6212X). This is a blue-greenish dull colour. Too much of it in any interior would definitely not work but in right quantities Sea Spray has a good calming effect.

Sea Spray PANTONE 17-6212

Pantone has also released a colour palette called Zensations, which includes in addition to Sea Spray 7 other colours: Pale Gold, Silver, Eclipse, Surf the Web, Azure Blue, Blue Coral and Anemone.

The palette is mostly comprised of meditative blues and blue-greens, but as focus colours includes some sparkling tones and a red tone.

Below are a few of my favourite examples of how the colour Sea Spray can be used in an interior design. Pictured are 3D renderings of a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The living room rendering with the large windows incorporates also other colour from the Zensations colour palette.

Have you used this colour in your home yet?

Modern Grey and White Living Room

Modern stylish grey and white living room interior with large windows

Beach Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Modern Light Kitchen

Spacious colourful bedroom