Garter Stitch Patchwork Square

The first issue of the Knit & Stitch magazine included two balls of yarn from Bergere de France – Barisienne yarn in colours Nil and Nerine. Barisienne yarn is the cheapest yarn from Bergere de France. It’s a 100% acrylic round yarn that’s perfect for beginners.

Also as a bonus this issue included aluminium knitting needles in size 3.5mm. I personally prefer bamboo needles as the stitches don’t run off as easily on them.

Knit & Stitch Magazine

The Nil (green) colour is for the first patchwork square (Throw 1D).

Green Knitted Square

It’s knitted in the most basic stitch – garter stitch using 3.5mm knitting needles.

Garter Stitch