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Moss Stitch Pattern

Seed Stitch Pattern

This weeks stitch is the seed stitch! It’s basically just alternating knit and purl stitches. It’s easy to see where it got …

Stocking Stitch Squares

Knit and Stitch Issue 30

Knit and Stitch issue 30 has 2 balls of yarn with the magazine – Jaspee yarns in colour Pangolin and Bartavelle. Both …

Brown Crochet Square With Crochet Buttons

Knit and Stitch Issue 28

Knit and Stitch issue 28 included two balls of Magic yarn. One in colour Brebis and the other in colour Naturel. Magic …

Modern stylish grey and white living room interior with large windows

2015 Trends: Colour Sea Spray

Another colour expected to be big this year is Sea Spray (code: 17-6212X). This is a blue-greenish dull colour. Too much of …

Knit & Stitch Magazine 26

Knit and Stitch Issue 26

Another week has passed and I’ve received a new knit and stitch issue! This time it included an Eclair yarn in color …