Stocking Stitch Patchwork Squares

Issue number 6 of the Knit & Stitch magazine included two balls of Plume yarn from Bergere de France – colours Parfum and Halo. This is one of my favourite yarns from Bergere de France. The texture of Plume is very soft, sleek and light. It’s made from 11% combed wool, 42% acrylic and 47% polyamide. Also as a bonus this issue included knitting needles in size 5.5mm.

Knit & Stitch Magazine

Maroon and Pink Knitted Squares

Halo (pink) colour is for the throw’s patchwork square 1C. It’s knitted in stocking stitch using 5.5mm knitting needles.

Stocking Stitch

Parfum (maroon) colour is for the throws square 3A. It’s also knitted in stocking stitch using the same needles.

Stocking Stitch