Striped Garter Stitch Squares

The third issue of the Knit & Stitch magazine included two balls of Eclair yarn from Bergere de France – colours Dionysos and Taffetas. Eclair yarn is pretty hard to work with, mainly because of the waves in the yarn. It’s 3% Lurex, 9% Combed wool, 14% Mohair and 74% Acrylic. The yarn has some metallic strands added to it that give the finished knitting a subtle mettalic shine to it.

Also as a bonus this issue included knitting needles in size 5mm.

Knit & Stitch Magazine

Striped Knitted Squares

Both yarns are for the throw’s patchwork square 1A and 1B. They’re knitted in garter stitch using 5mm knitting needles.

garter stitch with two colours

garter stitch with two colors