2015 Colour Trends: Surf the Web

Surf the Web is the name of a Pantone colour that you might be seeing around quite a lot in 2015. This colour is most similar to electric blue, although not as bright. Definitely not one of my favourite colours, but in small quantities it can transform an otherwise plain interior to a funky and modern setting.

Pantone has also published a palette that includes the colour surf the web, along side with Pale Gold, Silver, Eclipse, Azure Blue, Blue Coral, Anemone and Sea Spray.

The RGB values for Surf the Web are 48, 65, 111.

Surf the Web Pantone

Below you’ll find a few examples of interiors that have incorporated Surf the Web in the colour scheme.

Blue and Black Interior

Modern Kitchen Interior

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Loft Design

Electric Blue Wall