52 Week Home Organising Challenge

At the start of a new year, we give ourselves so many resolutions, be it eat healthier, start reading more or pick up a new hobby. This year, why not give a hand at something where you will see real results every week?

Organising, some loath it, some love it. But either way we all agree that this needs to be done! Starting from this week I’ll embark on a 52 week organising challenge to clean and organise my entire home! In this article I’ll list out all the weekly tasks and link them to a new article every week, once I’ve finished the challenge for that week myself.

Organising Checklist

What are we organising?

Absolutely everything! Starting from tidying your kitchen drawers to all the way to cleaning out your mailbox.

When should I start the organising challenge?

Although it spans 1 year, it doesn’t mean you’ll need to start in January. Feel free to start organising whenever it suits you best.

Can I organise my home faster?

You could, but I would advise against it. If you take on too much in the beginning, it’s much easier to give up earlier. But if you break down a big task, such as a whole house clean up, it’s much more manageable.

Although, if you do know in advance that you will not have any time for next week’s organising challenge, it may be a good idea to do some of it already this week.

What if I don’t have all the rooms listed under the challenge?

This is a super comprehensive organising list. Admittedly, even I can’t fully do all the tasks listed on the sheet. Feel free to tweak it as you see fit, replacing some organising tasks with others not on the list.

Here’s a full list of yearly organising tasks for your home:

Week 1: Meal Planning and Shopping Lists

Week 2: Home Cleaning Schedule

Week 3: How to Organise the Linen Closet?

Week 4: Wardrobe Clean Up

Week 5: Master Bedroom Tidy Up

Week 6: Organising Shoes

Week 7: How to Store Jewellery?

Week 8: Morning and Evening Routine

Week 9: Storing Cosmetics and Make Up

Week 10: Kid’s Room Organisation

Week 11: Organising Closets for Kids

Week 12: Storage Solutions for Toys and Games

Week 13: Cleaning Supply Organisation

Week 14: Seasonal Clothing Storage

Week 15: How to Organise Photos?

Week 16: Creating an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Week 17: Organising Kitchen Countertops

Week 18: Kitchen Drawer Organisation

Week 19: Pantry Storage Solutions

Week 20: Fridge and freezer organising

Week 21: Recipe and cookbook organisation

Week 22: Setting Up a Home Recycling System

Week 23: Organising a Living Room

Week 24: Organising Books

Week 25: Organising Magazines and Newspapers

Week 26: CD and DVD Storage Solutions

Week 27: Garage Storage Solutions

Week 28: Entryway and Hallway Tidying

Week 29: Yard and Garden Storage Organisation

Week 30: Organise Your First Aid Kit and Medicines

Week 31: Tidying up the Car

Week 32: How to store handbags and purses?

Week 33: Organising To-Dos

Week 34: Tidying up the Loft

Week 35: Guest Bedroom Organisation

Week 36: Organising Mail

Week 37: Home Office Organisation

Week 38: Family Calendar Ideas

Week 39: Organising Bills and Receipts

Week 40: Organising Documents

Week 41: Organise Your Mailbox

Week 42: Tidying the Laundry Room

Week 43: Laundry Schedule

Week 44: Bathroom Organisation

Week 45: Organising Craft Supplies

Week 46: Dining Room Organising

Week 47: Where to Keep Pet Supplies?

Week 48: Basement Organising

Week 49: Create a Home Inventory List

Week 50: Seasonal Decor and Gift Wrap Storage

Week 51: Final Decluttering

Week 52: Room of Your Choice

Is there anything else that should be on the organising task list? Let us know in the comments below!