Airy Blue – Pantone Autumn 2016 Colour Trends

With the colder weather already here, I’ve put together a quick interior style guide featuring one of Pantone’s Autumn/Winter Colors, namely, Airy Blue (PANTONE 14-4122).

Airy Blue 14-4122

Love the greyness with this one. It’s a much colder tone than the colour of the year, Serenity. A perfect transition from the fresh spring colour to the winter ahead of us. As the name suggests, it’s a reflection of the skies, fresh air and freedom.

Below I’ve compiled a few pictures that show how you can incorporate Airy Blue to your interior design.


Bedroom Look:

Airy Blue Bedroom
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Not really my style, but the overall look seems to go well. Love how they have matched the calm blue with a bit of dark wood for contrast. I would remove the odd rug from the wall though.


Home Office Look:

Airy Blue Study
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I would not say know to a home office like this! The glass topped white table and patterned curtains and chair match the blue colour just perfectly.


Kitchen Look:

Airy Blue Kitchen
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Not really a fan of blue kitchens, but this one does look pretty. Seems very welcoming and warm.


Living Room Look:

Airy Blue Living Room
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If you don’t want to take on a big design project, this living room is a good example of how you can make it work with just a bit of blue accents.


Airy Blue Accessories:

I also did some scouring on the wide web to find if there are any neat blue accessories. Didn’t find much, most places were still filled with turquoise, but there were a few gems!

Airy Blue Accessory
Available on Etsy by artcrafthome.


Airy Blue Vase
Available on Etsy by RoziereBroc.


Airy Blue Pillow
Available at
Airy Blue Candle
Available at


Airy Blue Lamp
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Would you use Airy Blue in your next interior design project? Let us know in the comments below!

Ary Blue Pantone Interior Colour Guide