Peach Echo – 2016 Pantone Colours

Peach Echo (Pantone 16-1548) is one of ten Pantone Colours for Spring 2016. Although from the orange colour family, it has a much less bright and so called orangy feel to it. It’s friendly, warm and tempered.

Peach Echo Color Interior

Here are some cute peaches for comparison:

Peach Echo

My favourite look with Peach Echo is a dark dining room that has used the colour as a nice contrast.

Image credit: Sajat Otthon Project
Image credit: Sajat Otthon Project

Good pairings for Peach Echo are Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-152); Serenity (Pantone 15-3919) and Lilac Gray (16-3905)

Inspiration corner:


Love the bold patterns and contrast in this home office. Definitely wouldn’t mind working there!

Peach Echo Study
Image credit: Thistlewood Farms

Living Room

A good example of how you can use this bright colour and still maintain a calm feel to your interior. A bit of a Scandinavian feel to it.

Peach Echo Living Room
Image Credit: CR Decoration


Why settle for a boring plain door if you could paint it peachy! Really love this look, playful, yet classy.

Peach Coloured Door
Image Credit: Elisa Bricker

Peach Overload

This look in my opinion is a bit of an overkill. May be nice to look at for a bit, but I’m sure I’d get really overwhelmed from all that orange. Yes, yes, I understand that it’s meant as a nursery, but still, I’d tone it down. Maybe something more neutral for the curtains?

Coloured Ceiling
Image Credit: D. Gilbert Photography

Trendy Dining Room

I still can’t get enough of the no-lamp-shade trend.

Pastel Dining Room
Photo Credit: Marie Claire Maison

Block It

I’d really like to know what the room looks like on the other side :O

Modern Wall Design
Photo Credit: Interior Idea

Bring the Peach Echo Funk

Good example of how different patterns, colours and shapes can create a complete look if you know how and what to use.

Pink Interior
Photo Credit: Design Sponge