Sharkskin – Pantone Winter 2017 Colour Trends

Pantone Sharkskin Colour


Sharkskin, one of Pantone’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Colours, can be perfectly mixed with any other autumn and winter colour.

I’m not a huge grey fan, and unfortunately this colour is no exception. Although I can see how it might look good in some interiors.

It was a bit tricky to find interior designs that have done a good job in incorporating this tone to the overall look. Most went a bit overboard with the “neutral” look and left the whole desing looking bland, but I did find a few great examples. See below!

1. Bedroom Interior Design Example

I love how they managed to keep the warmth in this design by mixing warm toned wood furniture with cooler ones.

Sharkskin Bedroom
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2. Living Room Interior Design Examples

You can tell that an architect has had a say or even has designed this interior. Love the different textures  – wooden paneling on the ceiling, smooth walls and a feature wall with stone slabs. But going back to the “too much grey” bit that I mentioned earlier, I would change some things around, such as adding a bit more greenery and maybe more texture and colour with extra pillows.

Sharkskin Livingroom
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This second one I added just to show a good example of the “neutral” look. It is way too grey and looks almost lifeless. Even the orchids on the table can’t bring it back to life.

Sharkskin Livingroom
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3. Bathroom Interior Design Example

This is a cute bathroom design with glossy cabinets and marble tables/benches. Love the little colourful cords on the lamps. I would also change the towels to bright pink to tie all in a bit more.

Sharkskin Bathroom
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4. Kitchen Design Example

I’m not usually a big fan of these shabby-chic interiors, but this one looks pretty neat. The copper tones go so well together with the whites and greys.

Sharkskin Kitchen
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Do you have any good examples of how and where to use Pantone’s Sharkskin colour?

Here’s a pinnable image 🙂

Sharkskin interior Design